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The Art Center is housed in a Victorian mansion that was built in 1893.  The David Eccles family purchased the home in 1896 and lived here many years.  Since 1959, the house has been used as a community arts and cultural center.  School classes or individuals are welcome to tour the Art Center, there is no charge. We do ask that groups schedule in advance by calling a member of the ECAC's staff at (801) 392-6935.

No tour is complete without a walk in the art center's lovely sculpture garden. The gardens have a fountain created by local sculptor Terry C. Johnson,

free standing sculptures by Tony Dickerson and  Lawrence Wheeler, and a five-foot bronze dancer by Adrian Van Suchtelen placed in the vestibule of the dance building. During the fall of 2005, the Junior League of Ogden unveiled a sculpture by Dan Hall of two young girls reading for the gardens.  In October 2012, we added a sculpture of a dog, 4 garden urns, a three-tiered planter, and a garden bench in memory and honor of center patrons. Plans are for other sculptures will be added in the future.

Etiquette for Tour Groups Visiting the ECAC

 We look forward to you visiting the Eccles Community Art Center. Please discuss the following rules with your group prior to your visit.

We have other visitors at the art center, so it is important that we have a pleasant atmosphere for everyone to enjoy the artwork and our building.

 You can help by:

Being considerate of others who are looking at the artwork.

Walking (not running) around the Art Center.

Using a quiet voice. We encourage conversation, but please, do not yell.

Not “ruff housing”. The artwork is valuable and if you accidentally knock something down, it could break.

Refraining from using your cell phone. The use of cell phones can be disruptive to other visitors.

To make your visit enjoyable:

You may look around the mansion, we like you to see what it would be like to live in a house in the early 1900’s, but please do not enter any rooms where the door is closed.  A door that is closed is for privacy or for your safety.

We all know how hard artists work to produce a piece of art, and the pride of completing a piece, so please, do not touch the art work. Oil from your finger can cause damage to a painting. You will not see the immediate affects of your actions, but over time, the oil will discolor the artwork.

Food or drink is not recommended in the Art Center's Galleries.

DO ask questions. We are happy to answer any questions you might have! The mansion has secrets and we are happy to tell its secrets if you ask!

*Hint –Respectful visitors are more likely to SEE the secrets of the mansion.


Photography of the artwork is not allowed.  You may take pictures of the building and of artwork owned by the Center, however, photographs of the current exhibit is forbidden without the artists consent.

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